The Unexpected Portrait is my take - - on people, families, pets, special occasions, life, and everything in between. I strive for my work to be a fulfilling collection of these sorts of memorable images, capturing as many exciting, delightful, introspective, silly and/or unique moments as can be seen with my eyes, though the lens, in as many ways as I can see them. Some images are raw and unaltered. Others, once captured, inspire me to play with effects, overlays and many times even color and texture. Hopefully, in all the images the thread you’ll find is a mood reflected.

Delve in, come back often and let me know what you think. There’s always work in progress! If, after viewing you think you might like to purchase a portfolio image or have images photographed of yourself or of a place, your work, a loved one, a business, a special occasion, you name it, just click through services and pricing --then choose a date on the calendar.

Oh, and me, well I am Gina Long, who goes by gishmoon, (my alter-ego) girlie-q, (if you're my hubby Steven), and mom, (to my beautiful son, Nolan). I'm a passionate, sort of unusual, quirky, old-soul with a true penchant for imagery and design. I like to feel and reflect what I see and perceive in people, places and things! I am a mood-catcher, image-maker, who believes photography is more about translation than creation. I've been shooting for over twenty-five years and I studied photography with the unparralled photographer and artist, Anne Zelle at American University in Washington, DC. Mostly, I like to let my images speak for me. If you like what you see, then I might be lucky enough to translate the unexpected portrait of you. Hope so. Cheers! Gina/gishmoon.